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The moving yogini Niina

The yoga teacher will come to you! Private yoga lessons in the comfort of your own home, in another spot of your choice in the Lahti, Hollola and Heinola areas, or remotely online.

is for anyone.

Yoga is suitable for everyone – come and find your own path! Yoga is a diverse practise, from which everyone can find a form of exercise that suits them. Dynamic vinyasa, calm yin yoga, meditation or anything else; you decide. Have you ever been to a yoga class and felt that the movement is too slow, boring, fast, heavy for a certain part of the body, or just plain boring? There are many different styles of teaching yoga, the wishes and expectations of the student don't always match, and that's okay! At Asana-asema, the classes are tailored just for you, and the teacher's job is to help you find your own, unique path. You don't have to be athletic, young, skinny or flexible; the only quality you need is a willingness to learn :)

The Basics

Laying the foundation or going back to the roots – these classes are suitable for both completely new yogis and more experienced practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge of anatomy or technique development. Basic asanas and sun salutations are practiced in the classes, and the focus is on combining breathing with movement. You will learn body alignment, muscle activation important for asanas, and safe technique. There is a modified version for almost every asana, so that the movements are accessible to everyone. You will also become familiar with different equipment that you can use to make the exercise easier or more challenging for yourself. You can also do yoga sitting on a chair or using the wall as an aid, for example! In the classes, you move calmly from one movement to another, respecting the body and mind.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa classes consist of combinations of different asanas, which are combined together into a flowing movement in rhythm with the breath. Vinyasa is lively, creative and flowing movement and often the classes have a specific theme around which the asanas are built. The classes are physically challenging and significantly different from traditional astanga or hatha yoga, where a certain movement sequence is repeated for an hour. The classes are suitable for everyone who wants challenges, surprises and fun in their hobby. Despite their challenge, vinyasa classes are also suitable for beginners, as the content of the classes is always tailored to suit the student.

Yin Yoga

Yin classes are a perfect counterbalance to dynamic vinyasa practice: the movements are done sitting or lying on the mat and often supported. Yin yoga targets the deep tissues of the body and the parasympathetic nervous system, and that is why it is useful for absolutely everyone – active people, athletes, people with stressful jobs, office workers, or anyone who feels the need for relaxation and gentle movement in the body. Long periods of time are spent in the asanas, focusing completely on the sensations of our own body, calming down the stormy mind. For some, yin yoga may seem too slow, boring and ineffective at first, but part of the practice is to try to calm our thoughts and develop our body awareness. For others, long holds may cause more pain and unpleasant sensations, but with the guidance of a competent teacher, you can find a suitable way for yourself to stay in the asanas and achieve the benefits of yin yoga.

Yoga for the Stiff

Office worker's special! These classes have been developed especially for those who do stationary work in front of screens. People who do this kind of work often suffer from stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulder area, back aches and bad posture. In these classes, we say goodbye to the mouse arm syndrome, get the blood circulating in the body and strengthen the important muscles of the hands and upper body. The classes mainly consist of mobility exercises and are physically light, so you don't even necessarily need to change gym clothes for these classes :) No previous experience is needed, the classes are suitable for absolutely everyone!

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a method of deep relaxation of body and mind. In the exercise, we aim for a state that's similar to the moment before falling asleep. Nidra can be done for many different needs: to recover, to help with insomnia, to refresh and calm down. The exercise is done lying comfortably on your back or sitting, and it includes various breathing exercises. The purpose is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, whose task is to act as the body's so-called "brake". If you feel that you're overworked, don't recover properly or you feel restless in the evenings, Yoga Nidra is just the right exercise for you! With the help of these exercises, you will learn to calm yourself down in stressful situations, recognise signs of overstimulation and listen to your own body. Yoga Nidra is also excellent for people who find meditation challenging. The exercise is fully guided and is done on the student's own terms.

Arm Balances

Many people think of arm balance exercises only as handstands, which in turn causes an automatic reverse gear. I understand! Handstand is very challenging and can require years of honing the technique. What if you opened the door to hand balancing through other asanas? Hand balancing develops not only physical endurance and body control, but also concentration, self-confidence and courage. Half of the challenges are created by your own mind and the fear of failing or falling – so take a step closer to self-confidence and try how it feels to turn yourself upside down! For safety reasons, hand balancing is only guided live in private or group lessons.


Private lessons

(the teacher comes to you)

  • 55€/60 min

  • 5x60 min private lesson: 225€
    valid 1 month from purchase

  • 10x60 min private lesson: 500€
    valid 3 months from purchase

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Online private lessons

  • 22€/60 min

  • 3x60 min online lesson: 60€
    valid 1 month from purchase

  • 5x60 min online lesson: 100€
    valid 1 month from purchase

  • 10x60 min online lesson: 200€
    valid 3 months from purchase

Group lessons

  • Live lessons (3–8 people):
    60 min/22€/person

  • Online lessons (max. 5 people):
    60 min/18€/person

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All classes are also available as gift cards. Ask for more! ​

Cancellation policy

Did you get sick? No worries! Notify the teacher immediately, and we will postpone your class free of charge. With the exception of sudden illnesses and emergencies, the class can be canceled free of charge 24 hours before the start of the class. For cancellations or no-shows after this, we will charge the full price.


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Yoga teacher Niina

I am a 37-year-old yoga teacher from Heinola and I want to help you achieve whatever you want from your yoga journey! I have practiced different styles of yoga since 2013 and graduated as a yoga teacher in 2022. My approach to yoga is guaranteed to be different, and laughter during my classes can't be avoided :)


Yoga should be fun, challenging and, above all, an exercise that suits your body. I think yoga belongs to everyone regardless of age, size, gender or physical condition, and this is one of the reasons why I became a teacher. ​


I want to encourage you to try something new that can help you find joy, calm your mind or challenge your body – in your own way. Each student is met as an individual and each student is important. ♥

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The best way to reach me is with the attached form, email or message. Feel free to reach out!

Niina Mensonen

+358 40 558 2805

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Send a message and tell me what kind of yoga you'd like:

Thanks! :)

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